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Motivation for this website

I met Jörgen Smit in 1975 when he spoke at my Waldorf School in The Hague, Netherlands. He gave what I later found to be numbered as lecture nr. 2197 at the first International Conference of Waldorf Pupils and Former Pupils in his capacity as a former waldorf pupil and teacher and at that time the leader of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum. My first personal meeting at age twenty occured in the autumn of 1978 in Berlin. From that time on I enjoyed regular contact as a coworker in meetings of the Youth Section of the School of Spiritual Science. In 1986 I was asked to be his assistent and then moved to Dornach, Switzerland where I coordinated multiple Goetheanum initiatives and conferences. 

Jörgen Smit spent the least four months of his life in the Ita Wegman Clinic in Arlesheim. During this time I visitied him daily as a friend and assistant. He appointed me as the executer of his will. 

Following his death many people insisted that a book about his life and work should soon appear. I was absolutly convinced  that this was not what Jörgen wanted.  Now 18 years later I feel that it is appropriate to republish what is available of his works in collaboration with friends. I collected material at the places where he lived; Oslo, Bergen, Järna, Dornach.  This opened many inspiring meetings with people he had met during his lifetime. I started publishing moments of his biography, his list of lectures and my overview of his writings. Now also original writings are shared. 

I hope that these pages inspire you. Whether you where a coworker in Dornach, Järna, Oslo, Bergen or elsewhere. Or you heard him speak. Maybe you never met him during his lifetime but you want to learn more? We all share in common the desire to create an inner path, to become more human and to ultimately participate in the "The Becoming" as Jörgen Smit often discribed it. 

Please contribute

Your contributions are most welcome. Feel free to mail me; suggestions, testimonials, feedback, notes from lectures, anecdotes, etc.. Also critical feedback is much appreciated. We especially need volunteer translators from German and Norwegian into English. Or please suggest new directions for this website. 
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My heartfull thanks to the board of the society who granted me permission to publish Jörgen Smit's writings here. Further publication beyond the realm of this website is not permitted without permission of the owner of the estate.

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